BROIL Sensotek

Broil is one of the leading manufacturer of Flow meter mainly: Oval gear flow meter and sensor for fuel and high viscous liquid, Turbine flow sensor and meter for low viscous liquid, Helical rotor plastic & Metal digital flow meter and sensor, Electromagnetic flow meter for waste and clean water, Vortex flow meter for steam, gas and liquid, Digital pressure gauge, process control instrument, software and its accessories. Established in 2006 and certified by ISO 9001, its manufacturing facility and products are approved by Weight and Measurement (w & m), CE, Indian Legal Metrology, IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation).

The updated technology is being used to convert customer requirements into products through strong technical base. BROIL provides help to customers for identifying application areas, solving the problems & quicker services through Q.C. as well as attending customer complaints in time.

The company is professionally managed with experienced technologists and dedicated team of dynamic technocrats & experienced staff in the field, investing in new facilities, people and technology.

Oval gear flow meter
Mechanical flow meter
Turbine flow meter
Helical rotor flow meter

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